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Welcome to the only physiotherapy clinic dedicated to pelvic health in Eastern Ontario

We help women and men of all ages to improve bladder, bowel, sexual function and treat pelvic pain

conditions we treat

CHRONIC pelvic pain


Pregnancy & postpartum


About Pelvic support physiotherapy


We take a holistic, conservative approach, working 1-on-1 during the entire treatment time, individualizing treatments according to each patient’s needs. We emphasize education and self-care: we are partners in your healthcare.


We are constantly learning and upgrading our skills. We have taken and continue to take specialized courses from the leading experts in our field from across the globe. We regularly speak at conferences on pelvic health and teach midwives across the province how to assess and identify pelvic floor dysfunctions.


Our clinic has been treating pelvic issues exclusively since 2003 and our staff have a combined 40 years of experience in this specialized field. When you come to us you can be confident that you are in good hands. We treat many doctors and their family members!