Male Pelvic Health

Male Pelvic health

article written about caroline allen on treating Men for pelvic HEALTH issues

It is not uncommon for men to suffer from pelvic pain: it is estimated that 10% of men experience episodes of pelvic pain, however they often have difficulty obtaining either a diagnosis or effective treatment. Men may be diagnosed with prostatitis. When this is an acute bacterial infection it is likely to respond well to a course of antibiotics, but the most common form of prostatitis – non-bacterial chronic prostatitis, does not. This is when a musculoskeletal assessment by a pelvic health physiotherapist is recommended, to look for signs of muscular tension, nerve irritation, joint or soft tissue restrictions.

Symptoms of male pelvic pain may include:
Pain in the penis, scrotum, anus/rectum, perineum
Pain in the lower abdomen, groin, sacrum, tailbone
Urinary urgency, frequency, difficulty urinating
Constipation, difficulty or pain with emptying bowels
Pain during/after ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction