Vaginismus is an uncontrolled spasm of the pelvic floor muscles at the entrance to the vagina, preventing penetration. It can make gynaecological exams or tampon insertion difficult or impossible. It can feel as though there is a complete ‘blockage’ and attempting to get beyond this can produce feelings of extreme anxiety.
Physiotherapy is always carried out in a private treatment room, always with the same physiotherapist, providing sensitive, professional treatment. It starts with a thorough conversation about your concerns and experiences. Detailed questions will ask about your pain, affects on your lifestyle, your medical history, questions about your bladder, bowels, diet and menstrual cycle.
Your pelvic health physiotherapist understands that seeking treatment can cause significant anxiety, and will explain that a physical assessment will only move at a pace that you feel comfortable with: this may not be on the first visit. It may be more appropriate to start treatment with a focus on breathing, body scanning and ‘safe touch’ before moving to an internal exam.
We will work at a pace that makes you feel safe, and will discuss treatment options and ask for your consent before implementing any new treatment techniques.
We have close connections with local sexual psychologists and frequently work together with patients.